Why Supporting Black Owned Businesses Matter

In a world where racial and social inequality is still very much prevalent. It is not easy for all minority groups to receive the representation they deserve, especially in areas such as fashion, entertainment and the business sector. And yet it is mutually beneficial for all to bridge this gap of racial inequality within the different communities.

When customers choose to contribute their own income to a black-owned business. It helps to progress the black community up the ladder, as the collective support shifts the balance of power onto a more equal scale. To elaborate, by stating it shifts the "balance of power" that is not to say that one community must be greater than the other, but to make ensure all groups are receiving the same amount of recognition they all deserve. Showing your support for a black-owned business means that you are also supporting the reduction of disparity between business, culture and race.

A benefit of the increasing numbers of black-owned businesses, is that they can provide the essential and necessary products/services that will cater to all of our needs. The truth is that you don't know, what you don't know!! Increasing multicultural products, food or services that you would not usually see in your local stores helps everyone. For example, hair, skin and beauty products, diverse children’s dolls, multicultural history books, products and supplies that can enrich all communities. 

Buying from Black Sunrise, is one great example of a black-owned business to support from, as we provide you with clothing and accessories with premium satin lined material to help you retain the moisture in your hair and protect your curls on the go. By supporting us, you are also supporting the charities that we are very passionate about helping. These charities include the Little Princess Trust, 100 Black Men of London and Generating Genius; all charities that are often finding new ways to interact with our communities.


We have a wide range of products in many various colours and styles. Free free to check us out! Tell your friends and family whilst you’re at it! 😉👍🏾

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