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Black Sunrise is a satin lined hat company dedicated to creating tools that allow the whole family to protect their natural hair. Combining satin with hats you love, to make your hair journey easier to balance with your lifestyle. Our goal is to bring fashion and practicality under one brand.  

Black Sunrise is about creating products for individuals in the market who are often overlooked. From bald  with sensitive skin, to the largest volumes struggling to find headwear that embraces them, our aim is to provide tools that people really need. All  in order to support the hair journey that you deserve. Healthy hair, scalp and growth always comes first in our agenda. All of our products from headbands to caps are lined with satin to help maintain moisture and reduce unnecessary shedding and breakages.





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My name is Kamilah and I started Black Sunrise because I was tired of feeling like I didn't have the tools I needed to manage my natural hair. As so many with curly hair or afros, I have grown up balancing between what we have access too and what we need. 


Trying to protect my hair from the bitter UK winters had become a part time job on its' own. But already working full time as a radiographer in the NHS I decided that it was time to find a new way.  It may sound silly to some; but to many others having something as simple as a hat that you can wear to get you from A to B, keep you warm and still look amazing afterwards... It's everything. 

I love running Black Sunrise because I feel like I'm able to produce items that I so desperately needed when first starting my Natural Hair Journey. Creating something that makes hair life not only easier but healthier. As a healthcare worker, I think helping others is something I get a natural buzz out of. But being able to help those in my own community and many outside of it, Black Sunrise has created a bigger joy in itself which I get to share with the world. 

My Black Sunrise Confessions:

1. I am a lazy natural


I love my  natural hair.  But if I'm honest,  sometimes I just don't want to deal with it. Even as I re-learn and re-grow in loving my 'fro, some days can require a little more patience than others. The biggest lesson I learnt, was that as soon as I stopped seeing my hair as a chore, but starting approaching it as a relationship (communication, love languages and all) the game changed for me! Now I make items that allow me to be lazy in a healthy way!!


2. I used to feel like I was always coming last in the 'Natural Hair Journey'.

While everyone seemed to be watching youtube tutorials and planning wash day routines... I always seemed to just be getting by with learning how to flat twist. Making them last until I got to work was a whole other story and I couldn't ever find the tutorial for that. 

3. I struggled to find hairstyles that felt and looked like me.


I must have tried so many different protective styles. With my hectic work schedule as a healthcare professional, I was more concerned about what would survive the 12 hours shifts and stay out of my way... or my patients grasps. But that didn't mean that I didn't want cute (not so profession and sensible) styles when the scrubs came off and the twenty-something woman came out. 


The start of Black Sunrise came from wanting to find a balance. I wanted to embrace my natural hair, but I also wanted tools to give me carefree laziments. So there you have it. That's how we got to here. Satin Lined hats that let you still be you while loving and protecting your hair.


Satin is a decadent man-made fabric, created from silk or finely woven polyester. Light in weight and is very easy to wash. We at Black Sunrise always suggest washing in low temperatures.



Satin fabrics can do wonders for your hair. The high-sheen materials prevent the catching of hair with fabrics normally associated with head wear, this reduction in friction can reduces split ends and limit breakage. The smooth interaction with your hair will work towards eliminating "hat-hair" and prevent unnecessary thinning and hair loss by accidental snagging.


The indisputable secret behind healthy hair is maintaining adequate levels of moisture in your hair. Unlike cotton, wool and other common materials, satin minimises the levels of moisture absorbed.  Satin lets you to set and then continue to maintain the levels of moisture in your hair.



This is why our satin lined products pairs so perfectly with those looking to protect and nourish their hair. 


We at Black Sunrise want to be there to help you keep your hair looking the way it was intended. From when you leave your home until you arrive at your destination. 






Black Beauty & Hair, Loves...

Named in the October and November 2019  edition, as one of Black Beauty and Hair magazines loved products.

Invited to 


For the UK's 2019 Black History Month, Black Sunrise was invited to Google's headquarters in King's Cross to exhibit at their black history month celebration Market.


Nominated for 2019's Best New Business

This was Black Sunrise's first exhibition. It became our official  introduction into the Afro-Caribbean hair community. With the support of  great family and friends we made a true first impression and were honoured to receive  this nomination.


Solo Fashion Line

Our satin lined hats work to compliment the natural styles and products that our customers love. As the only Fashion line at Shades of Beauty we were so happy to represent the brands striving to champion for the natural hair and beauty community.


About the creation

Interviewed for Spell Magazine as part of their inspiring stories. You can read this interview at https://www.spellmagazine.co.uk/spellmeets/kamilah-bartley



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